RTReporter Dashboard

RTreporter is a dynamic dashboard for automated news detection. It allows journalists to find newsworthy stories before they are reported by other media. By analyzing, organizing and clustering thousands of Twitter messages per second, RTreporter is perfect for finding topics which strongly increase in virality in a very short time.

Journalists are increasingly using Twitter as a news source. But finding newsworthy items in the enormous amount of tweets - 400 million worldwide a day - can be a daunting task. Especially if you don't know what to look for.

RTreporter helps journalists to spot emerging newsitems or breaking news on Twitter in a clear and dynamic dashboard. It shows topics that are accelerating in speed, relevant words, tweet intensity and momentum. By using intelligent clustering of words, tweets can be an indication of newsworthy incidents or breaking news.

Clicking on a topic allows a closer look into the clusters by showing the tweets, the acceleration, tag cloud of relevant keywords and embedded media.

RTreporter is already in use in the newsroom of the biggest newswebsite in the Netherland, NU.nl (5,2 million unique vistors per month). The dashboard has substantial added value for the editors of NU.nl, says Mark Vos, chief editor social.

"We can make an early assessment of the development of an incident and the news value. This process is, thanks to RTreporter, much faster than before. The dashboard give us a lead start compared to other media".